62 years since the foundation of EDON Youth Organisation

This year, the anniversary of EDON’s foundation, finds the efforts to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem at a critical point due to Turkish intransigence and President of the Republic’s regressions. EDON calls on Mr. Anastasiades to attend the Geneva informal meeting with the sole aim of resuming negotiations based on principles. Only with consistency to achieving the goal of Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation, will we stop Turkey's partitionist plans against Cyprus.

EDON on Holocaust Remembrance Day

It was 27th January 1945, when the 60th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front of the Red Army of the Soviet Union liberated 7,000 remaining prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Sixty years later, the UN General Assembly designated this day as Holocaust Remembrance Day and in honor of all those who were perished as martyrs in the Nazi concentration camps

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